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February 25, 2013
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Republic City: CHEN by SakariREN Republic City: CHEN by SakariREN
Name Chen

Age: 21

Nationality: Was born in the Fire nation, but was raised majority of his life in Republic City

Affinity: Earth—sturdy and stubborn

Traditional Fire bending—Something he learned from his older brother since he once lived in the fire nation. His brother wanted Chen to value traditions even when being surrounded by modern fire bending moves. Chen’s brother strictly embroiders this in Chen’s memory to keep while he lives in Republic City.

High Endurance—He’s trained to the point where he has high endurance. Able to run for a very very long time before tiring himself out

Swordsmanship—He was taught how to use swords from his Father. Chen is unable to use those skills in republic city since he’ll probably get in trouble if he does, so not many people know this about him.

Chen isn't hot-tempered like most fire benders, but he does have a tendency to be the stubborn one as well as competitive. He’s also very dedicated and hardworking with the things that he does even though there are times when he fails multiple of times. He’s also very loyal when it comes to his friends and will do anything in his power to help them when they need him.
He is very awkward with girls that he hardly knows and has trouble talking to them if they were to approach him (may come off as weird…)

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes: Food, Training, running, watching the probending games, being in the probending games and Cloud gazing.

Dislikes: Being hungry, obnoxious & loud people and flowers (since he has allergies).

History: Chen was originally born and raised in the Fire Nation, but because of his passion for probending that he had since he was a child, he was able to convince his parents to move up to Republic City with his Uncle. During his time in Republic City, he was able to enhance his techniques for probending, but his brother reminded him constantly (when Chen visits back home) to never forget traditional firebending. Chen was never too serious about that statement, not until after losing his brother he was finally serious about it. Everyday, no matter how busy he was, Chen will find the time to practice traditional firebending that his brother taught him. A daily routine he does by himself as he reminisces of his older brother.

RP sample:
Moving in adequate formation, Chen becomes focused as his body does the regular routine. Going from slow to faster movements, his legs pushed off from the ground, landing on his two hands. With as much force, he summoned flames from his feet as he spun on the ground with his arms in a twisting-formation while having it sustain his weight. His body twirled, creating a spiral of flames surrounding his entire frame. As the spinning stopped, he pushed off from his hand to land on his feet before flipping once to release another set of flames that followed the curve of his spine. Soon after, he did a few kicks and punches while controlling his breath as his firebending increased in power with every lunge he made.

“At it again, aren’t you?” A voice remarked, surprising Chen from his trance. He froze from his position before turning his head. “I haven’t found a day when you don’t break from this routine of yours.”

Chen swiped the sweat off from his brow before his body loosens the strains that his body had from the recent training. “I have to keep at it. I’ll probably forget everything he taught me if I don’t.”

His uncle was silent for moment before throwing a towel to his nephew’s head.

“Even if you don’t practice for a day, you’ll still remember everything your brother taught you.”

“I can’t count on that.” Chen countered quickly. “Not a chance I’m willing to take. Besides, all this traditional stuff is harder to master completely…”

“That’s probably because you’re focused on probending nowadays. Your bending can change to suit the game, you know.” His uncle stated before sitting on the steps. “Maybe you should visit your parents to freshen up on your traditional firebending?”
Chen’s lips twitched a bit at his uncle’s suggestion and his demeanor seemed to darken a bit. His uncle noticed, but waited for Chen’s answer nevertheless. Chen finally spoke, but it wasn’t what his uncle had hoped for. “You know I can’t do that.”
Letting out a heavy sigh his uncle nodded, “I understand, it’s still too soon. But let me know when you change your mind. They really miss you.”

Chen didn’t respond and just dried his face with the towel before tossing it back to his uncle. “I’m going to head out now.”

“Where are you going now—?” Before Chen’s uncle could finish, he was stopped as a shy but abrupt hand was held in front of him. Chen was looking the other way, with is palm still out and in front of his uncle. He was a bit embarrassed about the situation. His uncle finally knew exactly where his nephew was going. A small chuckled left his lips before he dug in his pockets. “Why do you always eat out? You know you’re sucking my money dry right?”

Chen took what his uncle handed and smirked a bit. “Your cooking still scares me. I can’t have an upset stomach while training.”
An annoyed arch of the brow was made from his uncle before smacking his nephew in the head. “Be grateful that I have food for you! You know—”

“I’m off!” Chen interrupted before jolting off to avoid one of his uncle’s long lectures.

Additional Info
-He left home at age 9 and was raised by his uncle when he moved.
-Probending is practically his life. He dreams to be number one. Currently still not good enough and can barely make it to the finals. (still in the process of learning)
-Eat massive amounts at a time! Gotta conserve the energy is his excuse...
-Rarely smiles, and only does when he achieves something great or wins a probending match. He’s seen mostly frowning/pouting
-He used to visits his family in the Fire Nation very frequently, but ever since the “incident,” he hadn't visited since.
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firstfarewell Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...this is just out of curiosity's sake, but how tall is Chen? xD *tries to measure with measuring tape
SakariREN Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah--! Chen's 6'2'' :'DDD
Though you probably got a close guess from your measuring tape, right?? //shot
firstfarewell Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HE'S TALL *A*/ thank you for answering Ren~!

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And no problem First! ^^ I'm glad to answer any questions ;v;//
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THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS TOO TALL REN, so he's the same height as Nham 8D! I think? If my memory isn't off OTL.  

if he was 8 foot I might be scared xD. BUT HE'D BE A GOOD BASKETBALL PLAYER *A* it's okay! I think it might be justified, if someone random tries to measure your height...without asking!

Also I keep forgetting to ask, but would you want to RP at some stage? ;A; / only if you're not busy that is ;v; instead I've been kidnapping Chen lol OTL
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